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Our inclusive St Faith’s family strives to enable all to achieve their full potential and inspire a community of hope and friendship. We seek excellence by ensuring a safe, respectful and flourishing learning community, where differences are celebrated and our genuine love and high expectations make a difference to all.

Curriculum Implementation


Much of the curriculum is delivered to whole, mixed ability classes, however, where we have evidence to suggest small group work is more advantageous, we implement this accordingly. Timely interventions from all adults are given to move individuals forward.


Knowledge and skills organisers are in the process of being created for all foundation subjects and science. These do and will ensure progression, sequencing of learning and connectedness of subjects from Nursery to Year 2 and from Year 1 to 2, in regards of the National Curriculum. Knowledge and skills are delivered via a combination of direct teaching and pupil-led, collaborative learning.


We aim to encourage our children to remember knowledge and build on their prior learning by ensuring we carefully consider how knowledge is sequenced. Teachers must understand what pupils must know and be able to do in each subject by the end of each academic year; they must recognise what has come before and what pupils will continue to learn in the next year.


Our curriculum design is based on three main principles:
1) Learning is most effective when spaced rather than blocked.
2) Interleaving helps pupils to discriminate between topics and aids long-term retention. Interleaving is a process where students mix, or interleave, multiple subjects or topics while they study in order to improve their learning.’
3) Retrieval of previously learned content is frequent and regular, which increases both storage and retrieval strength.


Medium and short term planning is viewed as essential to translate the school’s long term plan into a sequence of learning tailored to meet the need of a specific class.


Each half term has a different focus or ‘theme’ (topic) for the children to explore. While most learning is linked through the half termly themes combined in a cross-curricular approach, some subjects and learning is taught discretely.


Our curriculum is implemented through a series of lessons which build on concepts, skills and knowledge. Each topic starts with a ‘Wow’ starter that is used to engage learners and build an interest right from the onset.


We offer a wide range of extra-curricular before and after school clubs, which complement and further develop children’s achievements in our curriculum; including football, cooking, dance, drama and choir amongst many others. We have extremely high aspirations of all our children and skilfully use targeted support for our children who find learning and social situations a challenge at times. Clear and concise challenges are set across the curriculum for children who are ready for the next step in their learning.

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