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Welcome to our website. We are very proud of our school. We have achieved the GOLD Caring2Learn Award, the Bronze Young Carers Award and achieved the Plastic Free Schools Award. Stay safe.


Below, are some recources to help with handwriting. 

Please don't try and complete them all at once! Little and often is a much better approach. 

Aim to focus on about 3 words each time you do handwriting rather than trying to get the whole sheet done in one session.


If you are unable to print the sheets, you could used lined paper or, we will have some sheets printed so you can collect a couple when you come to change your reading books on Tuesdays. 


Top tips 


smileySit smartly on a chair with your paper on a table. 

smileyMake sure you have a good sharp pencil.

smileyFocus on making sure you have formed each letter correctly. 

smileyEnsure you have clear ascenders and descenders.

smileyMake sure you put the exit flicks on the letters ready for when you start joining your handwriting. 


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