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Our inclusive St Faith’s family strives to enable all to achieve their full potential and inspire a community of hope and friendship. We seek excellence by ensuring a safe, respectful and flourishing learning community, where differences are celebrated and our genuine love and high expectations make a difference to all.

Maths Intent

Maths Intent

At St Faiths, we strive to make maths fun, engaging and interesting for all children. We believe in promoting sustained and deepening understanding where children learn new skills and develop their understanding before applying this to solve problems. We aim to create independent mathematicians, who are equipped to apply their learning to the wider world. Our approach aims to provide all children with full access to the curriculum, enabling them to develop confidence, independence and competence, and therefore become lifelong learners.


By ensuring we provide a high-quality, broad and challenging Maths curriculum all children are encouraged to aim high and reach their full potential. This exciting learning journey will allow for all children to become fluent in the fundamentals of maths, developing their conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. Children will be able to reason mathematically by justifying, making links to known facts, or providing proof using mathematical languageUnderstanding of concepts will be challenged through solving problems by applying their mathematic knowledge. Links within other subjects will be highlighted and skills and mathematical knowledge will be applied. We will equip children with the foundations of mathematics that are essential to everyday life.


Careful planning for mathematics, adapting the different schemes that we use, ensures that we provide a sequence of knowledge, concepts and procedures to build mathematical knowledge and skills systematically aiming for all children to make good or better progress from their starting points. New learning is broken down into manageable steps allowing for flexibility and also gaps and misconceptions to be addressed quickly, tailored to the individuals needs. With this approach, children have opportunities to revisit previously learned knowledge and skills to ensure that it becomes deeply embedded in their memories so that they understand and remember.As the children become confident and resilient mathematians, they develop both self-confidence and a love for problem solving.

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