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PE from home!


Today, we are going to work on our under arm throwing skills from home.


First of all, we need to stretch and  warm up! Can you remember why this is important? We stretch to get our muscles ready so we don't hurt ourselves during exercise. We warm up to get our heart beating and ready to pump blood with lots of oxygen around our body to our muscles. They are going to need it if we are working hard.


Can you think of any stretches to do? Try and think of 2 different ways in which we can stretch our legs. 2 ways in which we can stretch our arms. 


Warm up. (Anything to get the heartrate up. Google 'just dance kids' for an easy video to get active).


Mirror challenge - Can you find a helper at home? Take it in turns to do an active movement and the other must mirror this. It could be star jumps, running on the spot, press ups, hops etc. Any form of movement, and your partner must match it.


Challenge - You will need a pair of socks rolled into a ball.


First, practice throwing the socks up and letting it hit you on the head. Try and keep your feet still. We are not catching it yet!

Next - Throw the socks up and catch them. Remember the 3 things you must do.

1. keep your eyes on the socks. 2. Put both hands together ready to catch. 3. Once you catch it, bring the socks into your chest to keep them safe.


Challenge - Find a bowl/basket. Stand next to it and throw the socks underarm into the target. After each successful throw, take 1 step back. How far away can you get?


Have fun!

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