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Phonics session structure

Phonic Sessions


In Reception we teach phonics daily. Last term we learnt all Phase 2 phonemes (orange border in the phonic flash cards) and this term we are learning Phase 3 phonemes (purple bordered flashcards). The other flashcards, we have not learnt yet and your child will not need these.


Our daily phonics lesson is made up of 4 parts and the slides we have uploaded guide you through these parts.

REVIEW - Practise flashcards and read words to practise previously taught phonemes. It is therefore vital that the phonemes are taught in the planned order initially, until the review sessions are reached. 

Tricky words are read, without sounding them out and then we practise writing one of these each day.

TEACH - A new phoneme is taught. This is practised orally first and the children practise saying the word to match the given pictures. The grapheme (letters that represent this sound) are introduced. 

PRACTISE - We practise blending orally a range of words containing these new sounds and then read a range of words together with this new sound in. We used a my turn, our turn, your turn approach to support all children. 

APPLY - We read two sentences together and decide upon the matching picture. The children are then asked to read the sentence again fluently.

The final activity is writing two words and then a simple sentence containing these sounds.  

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