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“Our inclusive St Faith’s family strives to enable all to achieve their full potential and inspire a community of hope and friendship. We seek excellence by ensuring a safe, respectful and flourishing learning community, where differences are celebrated and our genuine love and high expectations make a difference to all.” “Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” (Oscar Romero)

Physical Activity for all!

Follow the link to the Lincoln City Foundation YouTube page, to learn some football skills! Good luck! 

Bin Shot Challenge!

Still image for this video
Can you do as well as Coach Manny, with his target practise?
The links below are ideas from the Youth Sport Trust, for how you can keep physically active at home, during this difficult time. Have fun!
Follow at the link below to get more physical activity ideas from the company Evolve.
You've all heard of Joe Wicks, here is a link to his YouTube channel! Enjoy! Fun for the whole family!
Here are some other links for you to try ...

Get out and about in your garden!
How many of these challenges can you complete?


  • Make a bug hotel 
  • Plant some seeds and look after them 
  • Make flower perfume 
  • Mud pies 
  • Play in the sand pit  
  • Create a nature mobile 
  • Make a bird feeder 
  • Painting with water 
  • Chalks on the paving slabs 
  • Snail races 
  • Make a wormery 
  • Have a picnic 
  • Make a fairy/bug garden
  • Make a hedgehog home
  • Lay on a blanket and listen to nature sounds. 
  • Write down sounds and smells from outside and create a poem. 
  • Gather objects from outside to help you the maths activities. 
  • Learn to make a sound by blowing a blade of grass. 
  • Paint stones ready to hide 
  • Make a den (clothes airer and sheet)
  • Make daisy chains 
  • Help your grown up with gardening jobs 
  • Go on a minibeast hunt. Record what you find in a tally chart.
  • Creat some nature art.  
  • Design and make an obstacle course using outside toys. 
  • Learn to skip 
  • Learn to hula hoop 
  • Set up a goal and practice football skills 
  • Throwing and catching skills 
  • Write instructions for something you have done outside. 
  • Observational drawings 
  • Tree rubbings
  • Make potions 
  • Have a scavenger hunt 
  • Build a mini rockery
  • Go on a bear hunt/hunt for the Gruffalo. 
  • Start a compost min
  • Hold a mini Olympics 
  • Do some nature photography. 
  • Make a crown using natural materials 
  • Make a mini wildlife pond 
  • Make a kite
  • Play a memory game using natural materials 
  • Make a rain gauge 
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Stargazing on clear nights. 


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