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“Our inclusive St Faith’s family strives to enable all to achieve their full potential and inspire a community of hope and friendship. We seek excellence by ensuring a safe, respectful and flourishing learning community, where differences are celebrated and our genuine love and high expectations make a difference to all.” “Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” (Oscar Romero)

Spring Term 2

Spring Term 2

Food Glorious Food!

Our amazing topic for this half term is called ‘Food Glorious Food’ and we cannot wait to start our learning. Food is a vital aspect of life and we are all motivated by food and so it is an ideal topic to focus key knowledge and learning around.


In History we will be learning all about The Great Fire of London. We will develop our knowledge of key facts, be able to order what happened and how the fire started. This all began in a bakery and will link to our Geography learning. We will continue to build on our knowledge of the continents and oceans and link this to where different types of bread originate from. In DT we will be using this knowledge to design, make and evaluate our own healthy sandwich and of course this will need to involve some taste testing along the way!


In Science we will continue to develop our knowledge of animal classifications. We will learn the key features of the different animal groups e.g. birds and mammals and which animals are in which category. We will also be learning about what different animals eat.


In Music the children will be learning to listen with concentration and understanding to a range of music, finding the pulse, learning a new song and exploring a range of percussion instruments and making music together. In PSHE we are learning all about being part of a community and who cares for us and how we can care for others. 


We also have many carefully selected high quality texts for story time that link to Food Glorious Food, we cannot wait to start reading them. 


In English our Talk for Writing focus story is ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We will learn how to retell the story, and then innovate it. We will then learn the key features of a non-chronological report before writing our report.


In Maths we follow a Maths scheme called White Rose Maths. This term we will continue to cover place vale and consolidating our understanding of addition and subtraction. Following this we will move on to length and height and developing our knowledge of measurement. 


Termly common exception words

In Year One, spellings are done weekly. In your child’s reading record a sticker will appear with around 6 spellings to practise 3 times a week. Spelling certain tricky words and common exception words is so important in Year One so please support your child at home with this.


Phonics info and Reading

The children participate in a phonics session daily first thing in the morning and they will take part in a group reading practice each week three times in class. Please ensure that your child has their reading book and reading record book with them each day. Included in your child’s reading record book will be your child’s spellings on a sticker. Please support your child at home with their spellings.

Reading books are changed on a Monday for the week and these are the books which are required for the reading practice sessions. Your child will also bring home a book from our school library which is their reading for pleasure book these will be changed when your child’s class has their library time.



Extra helpful info

Children will be doing PE on various days, therefore please ensure your child has their PE kit in school ALL TERM.




Please choose one of the following.

  • You could research and find out all about a continent or country and the different foods that originate from here.
  • Find and follow different recipes and make them with your family. I wonder which ones you will like best?
  • Design a meal for different animals. Remember to find out if they are a carnivore or herbivore first.
  • Design and make your own smoothies or fruit kebabs using different fruits.
  • Write safety rules for a bakery, maybe these would have helped to prevent the Great Fire of London.
  • Create your ideal menu, remember to use adjectives to describe each dish to persuade others that this is the best!

Spring Term 2 Parent Newsletter

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