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Welcome to our website. We are very proud of our school. We have achieved the GOLD Caring2Learn Award, the Bronze Young Carers Award and achieved the Plastic Free Schools Award. Stay safe.

Week 1

Day 1: Number Hunt

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Using your number cards can you ask an adult to hide them and then you can go on a number hunt just like we did! What numbers did you find?

Day 2: Counting Actions

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Can you do 10 claps? How about 10 star jumps? What other actions can you do 10 of? Remember to count carefully saying one number name for each action!

Day 3: Making groups

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Using your number cards, can you make a group of objects (Lego, blocks, cars, pencils, spoons etc) to match each number card? Remember to check your counting!

Day 4: Shape hunt

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Think about one of the following shapes - circle, triangle, square or rectangle. What does this shape look like? Can you hunt for this shape in your house? Now try a different shape.

Day 5: Making patterns

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Patterns are everywhere. Your activity is to make a repeating pattern of colours (Red, blue, red, blue) or objects. Be creative with what you use but make sure it is a repeating pattern that can be continued. You may want to copy or continue a pattern before you make your own.
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