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Year 1

Please find below the English focus text and the accompanying text map.


As part of Talk For Writing, each unit of English work comes with a model text. This is a shorter version of a full book. The model text includes key vocabulary, grammar and spelling rules that the children need to practise and learn through Year Two.

 The children must learn as much of the text by heart as they can and use the text map to help them to remember it. In school, we would would do this over a 3-5 days however sometimes it may take longer. The children can add actions, like we do in school, to also help them remember it. 

Your child may also like to draw their own text map which also supports them recalling the facts from memory.


Please practise reading the model text with your child at home so they become very familiar with it. It will help them greatly during the next few weeks in their journey story writing.


We will provide 7 activities for you to do in English which will help your child to understand the story and practise some story writing skills. Therefore there will not be an English activity on the daily sessions areas below, but please use these activities to support your child's English skills.

Text Map - Nobot the Robot with no Bottom

Model Text to learn by heart - Nobot the Robot with no Bottom

Week beginning 6th December 2021

Remote learning week beginning 5th July 2021


Link to killer whale film:


Link to How to Make a Sundial video:  



PPT of today's lesson including text map

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