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Welcome to our website. We are proud to be graded Outstanding in our last Church School Inspection. We have also achieved the Bronze Young Carers Award, which is a fabulous achievement. You are welcome to visit our lovely school at any time. Please call 01522 888988 or pop in to make an appointment. Thank you! We look forward to meeting you.

Year 1: Grasshoppers

Welcomtthe Grasshoppers!

Hello and welcome!

*Meet the Grasshopper grown-ups*

The grown-ups in the Grasshoppers class are Miss Frecklington and Miss Wratten.

We love teaching the Grasshoppers and we are so proud of their achievements!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

*Our Christian Value for the term*


Our school value for this half term is ‘Community’. We are learning all about what Community means to us in our St Faith’s family. We are finding out how we can look after each other and the things in our school, as well as how we can show this value in the outer community around us at St Faith’s! For our Community value, the children will be able to show kindness, a helpful attitude to others,  as well as understanding that being in a community doesn’t just mean the people who live near you. The children will also learn why it is important to look after your community and the things around you.  All of the children and adults in school will be recognising children who show community, both inside and outside of school. This is rewarded and celebrated at the end of term in our special Values Celebration Worship.

*Our Learning this Term*

The ground shakes and the sky is filled with an almighty roar! Run to the caves for safety… Do-you-think-he-saurus?! This term we are learning about Dinosaurs! We will be learning whether a dinosaur is a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore, and finding out how tall they were! We will be looking at their footprints, fossils, and discovering what a Palaeontologist is!


In English, we will be learning about a variety of dinosaurs who lived long ago, we will find out about Mary Anning, a very famous Palaeontologist, and we will be using Talk for Writing to retell stories and increase our vocabulary!


In Maths, we will be learning to count and write numbers to 40, comparing numbers, and making number patterns. We will also begin to solve word problems!


In Phonics this term, we will continue to work in groups, recapping Phase 3 and Phase 5. We will also be reading lots of nonsense words to improve our reading and decoding of words!

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*Our Weekly Newsletters*

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