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Welcome to our website. We are proud to be graded Outstanding in our last Church School Inspection. We have also achieved the Bronze Young Carers Award, which is a fabulous achievement. You are welcome to visit our lovely school at any time. Please call 01522 888988 or pop in to make an appointment. Thank you! We look forward to meeting you.

Nursery: Caterpillars

Welcomtthe Caterpillars!

Hello and welcome!

*Meet the Caterpillar grown-ups*

The grown-ups in the Caterpillar class are Mrs Elwell, Mrs Leatherland, Miss Goldacre, Miss Robins and Mrs Tia. 

We all love teaching the Caterpillars and we are so proud of their achievements!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you! 

*Our Christian Value for the term*

Service in the Community

Our Christian value for this term is Service in the Community.

Living a life of service is about keeping your eyes open and looking out for ways to make others smile.

Jesus was called the ‘servant king’; his mission was to serve God and to serve all those people he met, through his teaching, his example and the way he led his life.

The Bible teaches us that we should all serve those in need, whoever they are, and ‘go the extra mile’ to put ourselves out for someone else’s benefit.

Who are the unsung heroes who serve us? Who are they at school and at home? How do you serve others?

We look forward to receiving your hand of service, to show how you have demonstrated an understanding of service at home.




 *Our Learning this Term*

We love learning in the Caterpillars! This term we will be learning all about ....

How to show compassion to others. We will be learning about the story of The Good Samaritan from the Bible. We will be building upon our learning of the Prime areas and especially daily routines and behavioural expectations. We will be learning to take turns and share toys. Developing friendships and being imaginative in our play with others. Daily counting, phase one phonics and listening to stories. Joining in with the repeated refrains in stories. Climbing, balancing and exploring different ways of moving. Developing skills such as throwing and catching. Singing songs and nursery rhymes. Looking at books. Being creative with our mark making. Learning to complete a simple program. Looking after our friends at nursery and in the community.


Developing a love of reading

We aspire to develop a love of reading in nursery through reading and sharing stories. You can help by sharing books with your child at home. Sharing books are available to borrow from nursery or from our amazing St. Faith's library. We do encourage parents to point out print in the environment such as shop signs to their child to help develop pre-reading skills. You could encourage your child to talk about the story using the pictures. Please see the weekly newsletter for further suggestions of activities to support your child in their learning at home. We warmly welcome any parental observations towards your child's learning journey via Tapestry.

*Our Weekly Newsletters*

Keep updated with our learning and our news!

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