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“Our inclusive St Faith’s family strives to enable all to achieve their full potential and inspire a community of hope and friendship. We seek excellence by ensuring a safe, respectful and flourishing learning community, where differences are celebrated and our genuine love and high expectations make a difference to all.” “Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” (Oscar Romero)

Nursery: Caterpillars

Welcome to the Caterpillars!

Hello and welcome!

*Meet the Caterpillar grown-ups*

The grown-ups in the Caterpillars class are Mrs Walton, who will work all day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Mrs Hanslip, who will work Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and Friday and Miss Goldacre. We love teaching the Caterpillars and we are so proud of all of their achievements!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you! 

*Our Christian Value for the term*

Our Christian Value this term is ‘Respect.’

Our value for this term is Respect. Being respectful is one of the key ingredients to being the best person you can be. “Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves.”


Respect is also one of our school rules (Ready, Respectful and Safe) and is a value we hold dear in school. The children learn to recognise respect in others, while also showing respect themselves.

“Respect other people's feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them.”  Roy T. Bennett.


They also learn the importance of showing respect to our belongings and to our environment. The children are developing their understanding of how we can respect our beautiful world and what we can further do as a school, as a Plastic Free School.

When it comes to climate change, “be the change you wish to be in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.


*Our Learning for this term*

Autumn Term 2

This term our topic is

Let's Celebrate




This term’s theme is a continuation of Celebrations. Our Talk For Writing story this term is We Are Going On A Bear Hunt!

This term children will also learn about Bonfire Night safety, sounds ‘s,a,t,p,i,n’ in phonics (we do not teach the children the letters, this comes in Reception), numbers to 5 and counting, patterns, problem solving and designing.

We have loved getting to know the children’s interests and will continue to bring these into our learning alongside continuing to focus on different skills with the children, linked to the different areas learning, as set out in the Early Years Framework. Our main focus continues to be:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – including sharing, taking turns, playing with others. 

Communication and Language – including using words and phrases to communicate and sitting for short periods of time to listen to a story or take part in an activity. 

Physical Development - including toileting, putting on and taking off their coat and being able to access resources around the room and outside too. We will also start Penpals for gross and fine motor control.


Week 1 – Bonfire Night and Firework Safety

Week 2 – Remembrance and Pumpkin Week

Week 3 - Nursery Rhyme Week and Diwali

Week 4 - Scarecrow’s Wedding

Week 5 - Weddings Around the World

Week 6 - Christmas – Nativity

Week 7 – Christmas



*Our Weekly Newsletters*

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