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Welcome to our website. We are very proud of our school. We have achieved the GOLD Caring2Learn Award, the Bronze Young Carers Award and achieved the Plastic Free Schools Award. Stay safe.

Year 2: Glow Worms

Welcomtthe Glow-worms!


Hello and welcome!

*Meet the Glow-worm grown-ups*

The grown-ups in the Glow-worm class are Mrs Wallis, Mrs Wraith and Mrs Hooton. We love teaching the Glow-worms and we are so proud of their achievements!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you! 

*Our Christian Value for the term*


Our term 3 Christian value is 'Compassion'. ‘Compassion’ is an important value to us because it is about putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and experiencing what they experience. In his life, Jesus often showed compassion towards other people. Compassion and ‘sympathy’ have much in common and both are stronger in meaning than simply ‘feeling sorry for’ someone.


‘Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble’. 1 Peter 3:8

‘Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.’ Colossians 3:12

*Our Learning for the term*


**Frozen Planet**




This half term we will be continuing Talk 4 Writing. The children will focus on Amazing Grace and write a Diary entry for Grace’s Diary. They will also write a Diary entry about a time when they had to overcome a challenge. The children will also be using drama and hot seating to think and feel like the main character, Grace. Towards the end of term, they will write their own personal diary recount about any event in their life where they had to overcome a challenge.  They will face some challenges in class such as creating different origami, word puzzles, and an obstacle course. The children will look at adverbs for description, as well as similes for description. The children will continue to focus on spelling common exception words. We will also be focusing on another text ‘Bob’s Best Ever Friend’. They will write an adventure story based on the plot of a meeting tale.  A story with a meeting plot such as finding a friend.





This half term the children will be recapping their learning on money from before the holidays. They will learn about change and solve problems involving finding amounts of change, They will then move onto symmetry and rotation of shapes.

They will develop their understanding of addition and subtracting; adding 2 two digit numbers. They will recap some of the methods that they already use including practical methods before moving onto developing their understanding of the column method.

We will also work on learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and associated division facts. In addition to these areas, we will continue to recap and build on skills such a number bonds, mental recall of facts and place value.



The children will learn about the four seasons. We will be making our own rain gauges so we can track the rainfall in our local area. We will be looking at the different continents and how their weather patterns differ to the UK. We will be create our continents art in Forest schools and exploring the temperatures.



We will be learning to respond to music and how it makes us feel. We will exploring rhythms using clapping and listening to the Carnival of animals.



We will be learning about habitats. We will explore how animals are suited to their habitat and how it provides their basic needs. The children will create their own animal habitat in forest schools. 



We will be learning about the artist Andrew Goldsworthy. Andrew uses lots of natural materials in his work so we will be exploring his work through Forest school. We will be using ice as one of our main materials.

We will also be exploring colour mixing and matching to our local environment. We will also use Van Gogh's work as a stimulus for our own frosty art.



As we do every half term, the children will have an E-Safety session. They will explore how to stay safe while online and what to do when something makes us feel worried.


The children will be supporting the local school environment and the people in it. We will be writing letters to our neighbours and looking at how we can support each other.


We are also continuing with our 'be ready, respectful and safe' behaviour system. The children are very knowledgeable about what this looks like in school and have been working hard to show these behaviours at all times.

*Our Termly Newsletters*

Keep updated with our learning and our news!

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