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Our inclusive St Faith’s family strives to enable all to achieve their full potential and inspire a community of hope and friendship. We seek excellence by ensuring a safe, respectful and flourishing learning community, where differences are celebrated and our genuine love and high expectations make a difference to all.

Year 2: Glow Worms

Welcome to the Glow-Worms!

*Meet the Glow-Worm Grown Ups!*


In the Glow-Worms, we have Mrs Wraith who teaches Monday and Tuesday, and Mrs Wallis who teaches Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Wallis is also in school on a Tuesday and Mrs Wraith on a Wednesday morning doing intervention across Year 2. We also have our amazing Teaching Assistant, Mrs Hooton who is in our class every morning.



*Our Christian Value this half term*

Our Christian value for this term is Trust.

Trust is the very essence of faith; trust in the God who is trustworthy.


Trust is essential to human life and lies at the heart of all relationships. Trust entails vulnerability, putting yourself in others’ hands. We have to trust experts - pilots, dentists, surgeons – and our wonderful teachers, teaching assistants and all of our St Faith’s family, and be trustworthy ourselves.


John 14:1 (Jesus’ words to his disciples)

‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.’



If your child is isolating due to Covid and is well enough, please see the remote learning section of the website to access home learning. If you have any problems or questions please contact us and we will be happy to help..

This term our topic is:

Wriggle and Crawl


That's right! BUGS! We are going to be looking at the habitats of some small, wriggly mini beasts. These are called Micro-habitats. We will be looking at why their habitat is suitable for our mini beasts to survive.

The children will be looking at simple food chains linked to our mini beasts.

The children thoroughly  enjoyed using our own robot mini beast - the BeeBot last half term. We will be continuing our programming through the use of Scratch Junior on the iPads. The children will be exposed to sprites and new vocabulary such as debugging and algorithm.

We are going to have a PIZZA DAY! for DT, we are going to be looking at different toppings, reviewing them and creating our own. 

In RE, we are going to be looking at 'belonging' in Christianity and Islam faith. We will explore a Christian baptism and what it means to belong for a Muslim.

The children will explore printing in Art. They will create a design based on a mini beast and use special ink and rollers to create a mono print.

We will be looking at Athletics in PE. Maybe we will have the next Linford Christie? The children will be timing each other as they run at different speeds and explore jumping.


We certainly have lots going on this half term!



As you will be aware, the Year Two children will be doing SATs the week beginning 16th May - this will be our Secret Agency Training. The children will complete 2 maths papers and two reading. We are not doing the optional Spelling and Grammar one.

If you need any more information, please see the powerpoint at the bottom of the class page or pop and see your teacher. 




This term Maths focusses on very practical units, we will be learning how to measure using centimetres and metres, kilograms and grams and millilitres and litres.

We will learn how to read the temperature using a thermometer.

Over the next few weeks we will also recap on calculation work, look at all four operations, multiplication, division, subtraction and addition.

To support your children with calculation, practise with them, their two, five and ten times tables and understand that 60÷10=6 because 6x10=60.



As part of Talk For Writing, each unit of English work comes with a model text. This is a shorter version of a full book. The model text includes key vocabulary, grammar and spelling rules that the children need to practise and learn through Year Two.

The children must learn as much of the text by heart as they can and use the text map to help them to remember it. In school, we would would do this over a 3-5 days however sometimes it may take longer. The children can add actions, like we do in school, to also help them remember it. 

Your child may also like to draw their own text map which also supports them recalling the facts from memory.


Please practise reading the model text with your child at home so they become very familiar with it. It will help them greatly during the next few weeks.


Spellings and Reading Diaries 

We will be continuing to look for spellings in the children’s writing throughout the day. We will send the spellings home in the children’s spellings books as usual. The children receive a team point for practising their spellings and for reading at home.

The adults in school will reading diaries on a weekly basis and tick to show it has been looked at. Your child will then receive their team points if it has been filled in by an adult at home.



Alongside our PE with the Lincoln City Football Club outreach team, IMPS on a Tuesday, the children will also do PE on a Friday.  

It is important that all children have the correct kit for PE.

PE is  on a Tuesday and Friday this term and with the hope of better weather, this may be done outside so need appropriate trainers.

The PE uniform is white t-shirt and navy or black leggings/joggers and a navy or black jumper, trainers or plimsolls.

Home Learning Ideas


  • Create a junk model insect and bring into school for a display.
  • Create an area in your garden or in a plant pot as a bug hotel, research how to make one and write instructions on how you made it.
  • Using a ball of wool and sticks, create a spider web and research a spider you could find in your garden.

SATs presentation to parents

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