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“Our inclusive St Faith’s family strives to enable all to achieve their full potential and inspire a community of hope and friendship. We seek excellence by ensuring a safe, respectful and flourishing learning community, where differences are celebrated and our genuine love and high expectations make a difference to all.” “Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” (Oscar Romero)

Reception: Honey Bees

Welcomtthe Honey Bees!

Hello and welcome!

*Meet the Honey Bee grown-ups*

The grown-ups in the Honey Bee class are Miss Mason, Ms Holman, Miss Farmer and Mrs Uzzell. 

We all love teaching the Honey Bees and we are so proud of their achievements!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you! 

*Our Christian Value for the term*


When we focus on Justice, we are making sure that everyone is treated equally and fairly. In the Bible, we are told that justice is about 'opening your mouth for those who can't speak for themselves' (Proverbs). Jesus' ministry speaks of hope for people who are poor and oppressed - some of his strongest critiques are spoken against the mighty and the powerful. How can you make things fair for everyone?Do you treat everyone equally? Have you ever shown courage when making the right but difficult choices?


 *Our Learning this Term*

We love learning in the Honey Bees! We have started the Spring term by learning all about Frozen Lands.  We have read the story, 'Lost and Found', and have created pictures of penguins, polar bears and other arctic animals using a variety of art techniques, from printmaking to junk modelling!  We have written lists to show our ideas about what we would take on a boat - we had some interesting and unusual ideas!

We have talked about friendship in circle time, and shared lots of ideas about how we can show friendship to others.

We will continue to use 'In the Moment Planning' to inform our activities and provision in the class, so each child will have their interests reflected in the work we do.


Spring 2 Term

We have started the Spring 2 term by learning all about dinosaurs and prehistoric times.  We described dinosaur landscapes, and wrote words and sentences to describe what dinosaurs looked like.  We have also been learning about jungle animals.  We read 'Monkey Puzzle', and made posters to help the monkey find his mum!  We also watched a short film - Baboon on the Moon - and thought of ways we could help the baboon get back to earth to see his family.

As we move into the second part of the term, we will be learning all about signs of Spring, and will be celebrating Easter in the class, and with our whole school St Faith's family.



We are now learning phase 3 phonics in the Honeybees, which includes lots of digraphs!

We are learning the phonemes: y, yy, zz, qu, sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, oo, ar and or.

We will also be learning the 'tricky words' he, she, me, be, we, was, are, you and my.


In the Spring 2 term we will be continuing to learn lots of new phonemes.  We will be learning: er, ur, or,oi, ear,air and ure.

Our phonics lessons happen every day in the Honeybees class, and involve us recapping our phonics from previous days, learning a new phoneme, practicing reading and writing words and sentences with the new phoneme.  We practice correct letter formation to help us with our writing.



In maths we will be building our skills for number work, and shape:

Spring 1

Learning about zero and number bonds to 5.  

Recognising and ordering to 10 and introducing teen numbers.

Counting, labelling and making groups of 10 objects.

Comparing groups to 20, and saying which is more, fewer or the same.

Comparing and ordering length, height, weight and capacity.


Spring 2

Exploring one more and one less.

Addition - making groups and combining groups.

practical problems to explore subtraction.

Bonds to 10 using 10 frames and part part whole models.

2D and 3D shapes.








*Our Weekly Newsletters*

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