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Welcome to our website. We are very proud of our school. We have achieved the GOLD Caring2Learn Award, the Bronze Young Carers Award and achieved the Plastic Free Schools Award. Stay safe.

Reception: Honey Bees

Welcomtthe Honey Bees!


Hello and welcome!

*Meet the Honey Bee grown-ups*

The grown-ups in the Honey Bee class are Mrs Talbot, Ms Holman, Mrs Picker and Miss Goldacre. We love teaching the Honey Bees and we are so proud of their achievements!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you! 




*Our Christian Value for the term*


Being respectful is one of the key ingredients to being the best person you can be. “Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station, deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves.”


We are learning at school about the importance of treating others with respect even if we sometimes do not agree with the way they behave or the things they say. We have also been thinking about how we should treat the things that belong to us and to other people respectfully.

Think of some practical ways that you show respect to each other in your family.

Often we show respect to someone by the way we speak to them. 

What does this mean in practice?

Do you treat one another’s possessions with respect?

What does this mean in practice?

*Our Learning for the term*


This term we are looking forward to taking part in lots of celebrations. We have Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Diwali and Christmas all coming up this term! We will be learning lots about how these are celebrated and what they mean. 

We will be focusing on the story 'The Baby Mouse' and learning about the characters, and the structure of the story.  You can read this story in the Remote Learning section of the school website. We will also be reading lots of lovely books, including 'Owl Babies'.

We will be revising phase 2 phonics and starting Phase 3 this term, based on Letters and Sounds, and will be doing lots of games and activities to build our maths skills.


We are such busy Honeybees!



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