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Welcome to our website. We are very proud of our school. We have achieved the GOLD Caring2Learn Award, the Bronze Young Carers Award and achieved the Plastic Free Schools Award. Stay safe.

Year 1: Tiger Moths

Welcomtthe TigeMoths!


Hello and welcome!

*Meet the Tiger Moth grown-ups*

The grown-ups in the Tiger Moth class are Mrs Smith, Mrs Lower, Mrs Uzzell and Miss Smith. We love teaching the Tiger Moths and we are so proud of their achievements!

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you! 

*Our Christian Value for the term*


Our value in term 5 is 'Trust'. Trust is essential to human life and lies at the heart of all relationships. Trust entails vulnerability, putting yourself in others’ hands. We have to trust experts - pilots, dentists, surgeons and learn to be trustworthy ourselves.


Psalm 91:2 I will say of the LORD, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.’ John 14:1 (Jesus’ words to his disciples) ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.’


Trust is a really important value. It must be earned. If we do not trust someone it is very hard to build a good friendship with them. Talk together about:

• people who you know that are trustworthy.

• practical ways that we can show others that we are trustworthy.


*Our Learning for the term*

Dinosaur Roar


This term our topic takes a walk into the exciting world of dinosaurs! Always a firm favourite with many! As we stomp our way through the term we will be learning lots of new skills and finding out about significant events in the past.



This term our focus story is No-Bot the Robot, who has lost his bottom, by Sue Hendra. As we continue wth our Talk for Writing journey, we will learn the story by heart to help us to write our very own story at the end of this unit.

Along the way we will complete lots of lovely imagintaive short burst story writing activities to help develop our use of language and vocabulary choices, as well as new punctuation - exclamation marks and full stops, to make our writing the best it can be.



This term we take the jump to work with numbers up to 100. The children will learn about place value, learning how to read and write the  numbers. They will continue to work with part part whole diagrams to help them partition 2 digit numbers and also to help them to add and subtract larger numbers.

The children will continue with understanding and completeing word problems. Once children return to school we will identify the areas which children have found more challenging over the past few weeks and recap these aswell. 




This term we are learning how to classify animals - we will recall the terms carnivore, omnivore and herbivore and identify what key features identify them from one another. As the Spring starts to bloom and we see change, the children will use technology to capture and identify the changes.



Our History topic this term will focus more closely on the story of Mary Anning, which we touched upon briefly on our Plesiosaur day back in November. She was a famous person from beyond our living memory. We will learn why she is famous and still remembered today, what she did, and we will recall various events from her life, using a timeline to organise events.



The children will learn about keeping safe on the Internet and understand how not to share personal information with those that they do not know. They will begin to learn how to use a new online application called Natterhub, which is great way for us to teach children the skills of staying safe online.



This term we will use our dinosaur topic to help us to listen to different sounds, experiment with makinng different sounds and using rhythm cards create our own musical phrases for others in the class to enjoy and play along to.



As spring arrives we hope that the weather will improve for our outdoor PE lessons. The children will work on multiskills this term. We will look at jumping and the importance of jumping as a defense within a sporting game. We will learn how to throw and catch, using overarm and underarm throwing and will learn how to throw at a target - trying to improve our accuracy.



Our topic this term is all about Beginning and Belonging. 

Enquiry questions - What does it mean to belong? Why make promises?



As we hope to see the children back at school this term we will spend time working with them to adjust to being back again and seeing their friends.



This term we will focus on the United Kingdom, we will refresh our memory of which countries make up the United Kingdom and name the capital cities of each of these.

We will recall the names of the continents again, building on our learning from last half term and we will also learn the names of the major oceans. We will plan a journey around the world, travelling across the oceans, in search of dinosaur bones!



In art we will be building on our designing and creating skills. We will look specifically at styles of collage, manipulating different resources such as paper and string to create fossil or dinosaur pictures.




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